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TRADITIONAL MEDICINALS: Organic Spearmint Caffeine Free Herbal Tea 16 Tea Bags, 0.85 oz


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PersonalityLively, lovely and delightful.
Herbal PowerAromatic and sweetly minty, spearmint is widely used as a refreshing beverage.
Reason to LoveWe like to think of spearmint as the fun-loving, slightly less intense cousin of peppermint. In fact, spearmint and peppermint are so closely related, and look so much alike, they’re often confused for one another. Soft and sweet, with that characteristic minty zing, spearmint is so named because of its pointy, spear-like leaves. Milder than peppermint, it is still aromatic and refreshing. We love it for its distinctly spearminty, mildly sweet flavor.
TasteFragrant, sweet and minty.

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