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SWAMP DRAGON: Sauce Hot Bourbon, 5 fo


Unique Hot Sauce with NO Vinegar

Ingredients: Marvin’s Super Secret Chili Mix and Bourbon

Award Winning Hot Sauce Including the 2018 Scovie Awards, 2018 World Hot Sauce Awards, and 2018 Fiery Foods Challenge

16 Times Less Acidic Than Other Shelf-Stable Hot Sauces Making Stomach Issues Less Likely

Alcohol, Like Fat, Carries Flavor to the Taste Buds; Enhance Your Flavor with Spice Instead of Covering It Up

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Bourbon hot sauce made with real bourbon! A touch of smoke and oak barrels give The Bourbon Dragon hot sauce a character unknown to hot sauce before. It adds not just a smooth rewarding heat, but complexity to flavors and aromas when added to food.

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