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SIETE: Maiz Totopos Sea Salt Tortilla Chips, 7.5 oz


Corn is an ingredient that’s been used throughout our culture for ages. This is why our family thinks of it as a “salt of the earth” ingredient, right up there with avocado, and—well, salt, for that matter. So we put all three of these ingredients together—organic white and yellow corn, avocado oil, and sea salt—and got these delicious and crunchy corn tortilla chips. With the perfect ratio of chip to salt, there’s nothing left to be salty about—except, maybe, when you run out…

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Our familia has been working on fine-tuning the recipes for our new Maíz Totopos Corn Tortilla Chips for years. We used ingredients we love and feel good about (like organic corn and creamy avocado oil!) to make our delicious totopos!

Plus, we’re proud to highlight and honor the process of nixtamalization, an ancient technique that has been part of our Mexican culture for generations. This process includes stone-grinding and soaking corn in lime, which helps brings out its naturally robust and delicious flavors—and gives our totopos that nice crunch! As corny as it sounds, they taste pretty a-maíz-ing this way.

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