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RAPID FIRE: Toasted Hazelnut Protein Creamer, 7.93 oz


Simply add Rapid Fire Protein Creamer to your favorite hot or cold coffee, tea, or other drink, and enjoy! Let Rapid Fire Protein Creamer help maximize your muscle support and weight loss goals.

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Rapid Fire Protein Creamer is a high-performance creamer to be added to coffee or tea and enjoyed any time of the day to help fuel your muscles and improve your metabolism. Made with a performance-boosting 10g blend of collagen peptides, whey protein concentrate, and milk protein isolate, this delicious creamer will help you start your morning strong and stay active throughout the day.
Protein is the key to muscle tone, strength, and fitness. Your body requires protein to rebuild and repair muscle after exercise, reduce muscle loss as you age and strengthen bones. It also helps boost your metabolism to keep your body leaner and fit, plus it helps curb hunger. The fast and medium releasing protein blend in Rapid Fire Protein Creamer fuels your body with essential amino acids and BCAAs you need. The formula also contains coconut (medium chain triglycerides), grass-fed butter and Himalayan pink salt.

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