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PRIMAL KITCHEN: Drssng Ranch Avocado Oil, 8 oz


Primal Kitchen® Ranch Dressing and Marinade is better than ever: we added cage-free organic egg yolks to our best-selling recipe for a thicker, creamier Ranch. Dunk, dip, and dress your veggies with a Ranch made with avocado oil and without dairy, sugar, canola, soy, or artificial ingredients for a spiffed-up classic ranch dressing you and your family will love on everything from summer salads to buffalo chicken wings. 

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Everyone’s favorite dressing is better than ever! Now with cage-free organic egg yolks, our most-loved Ranch is thicker, creamier, and still made with real ingredients. PRIMAL KITCHEN® Ranch Dressing is made with Avocado Oil, organic, cage-free eggs, and real-food flavor. We made this drizzling and dipping favorite without canola, soybean, or sunflower oils. Dress up salads without dairy, dunk veggies in Whole30 Approved® dressing, and enjoy that same creamy, tangy taste you love! Why compromise? This ranch is Keto Certified and Paleo Friendly. Dunk, dip and drizzle this ranch on veggies, wings, and salad bowls. 


Made with Pure Avocado Oil, Organic, Cage-Free Egg Yolks and Real Ingredients

Whole30 Approved®, Paleo Friendly, Keto Certified, Certified Gluten Free

No Dairy, No Sugar, Soy, Canola

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