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POWER CRUNCH: Bar Peanut Butter Fudge, 1.5 oz


This protein Energy bar from BNRG (Bio nutritional Research Group) is protein rich, low in sugar, and made with wafers for maximum crunch
Each bar contains 14g of a protein blend that is loaded with extreme hydrolyzed whey protein
Power Crunch bar also contains stevia leaves extract which is an all natural sweetener

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The Power Crunch Original Peanut Butter Fudge Protein Bar fuels your body with high-dh hydrolysate protein while satisfying the classic peanut butter and chocolate flavor craving you have grown up loving. Light and crunchy, this smart protein filled waffle cr̬me cookie is unique in taste and texture as well as the super protein-energy nutrition it delivers. Peanut butter & chocolate and high tech protein Рan anytime snack that delivers on all fronts.

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Dimensions 2.67 × 12.57 × 5.72 cm