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OI: Roasted Peanut Oil, 8.4 oz


THIS ROASTED PEANUT OIL is mad for medium-heat cooking!
I’M A NUT. Well, technically, a legume, but I assure you that I’ll bring all the earthy, roasty flavors you need. Plus, I’m super high in vitamin E!
VERSATILE & FLAVORFUL: With all this bold, peanut flavor, I’m equally delicious in banana bread as in Pad Thai. Sweet or savory, I’ve got your back.
350°F SMOKE POINT: I’m not one to boast, but with these stats, you can roast me, toast me, grill me, bake me, or sizzle me with almost anything.
i’m ALWAYS FREE—of chemicals, solvents, and GMOs, that is. Oi!

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Hi! I’m Roasted Peanut Oil. I’m a little different than your average regular peanut oil because unlike those other guys, I was pressed from post-roast peanuts. Fragrant, golden brown, and delicious. Where I’m from, we do it low and slow at 230°F until the whole place smells of nutty goodness. Then, we press, refine, and bottle. Voil-àh!Something else you should know about me… I perform my best in medium-heat situations (up to 350°F). Use me in your hot sauté pan, on the grill, in dipping sauces, or to marinate. When drizzled with rice vinegar over salads, I’m delightful. And, I’m even great in sweet recipes such as banana bread and chocolate lava cake.The point is… I might be a bit of a goober, but I’m always down for any cooking adventure you can think of. Medium-heat cooking, baking (salty or sweet) & grilling are my main hobbies.I might be nuts, but the roasty flavor I impart to your dishes will blow your mind.I’m always Certified by the Non-GMO Project. Because, duh.

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