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LOTUS FOODS: Rice Wht Jas Frbdn Org, 8 oz


Whole Grain

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Lotus Foods brings you exceptional organic rice varieties from around the world, now in a convenient “heat & eat” pouch.
According to Chinese legend, black rice was so cherished for its taste, color and nutritional value that it was reserved for Emperors. Grown on small family farms, this unique blend of whole grain black Forbidden Rice® and soft, aromatic White Jasmine Rice has a rich, nutty flavor.
Pre-cooked and ready in just 90 seconds, it’s easy to enjoy these rice varieties any time simply steamed or with your favorite proteins or vegetables. Perfect in any rice dish, like pilafs, curries, soups and stir-fries.

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Dimensions 2.79 × 13.97 × 18.8 cm