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LAKEWOOD: Organic Juice Tart Cherry Concentrate, 12.5 oz


Fresh Pressed®
Kosher Certified by KOF-K
Choose GLASS – Non-Toxic | BPA Free

Ret Tart Cherry Juice Provides Essential Micro-Nutrients, Vitamins & Minerals to Help :

Promote Relaxation, Healthy Sleep Patterns, and Normal Cholesterol Levels
Restore Vital Body Electrolytes for Overall Vitality, Healthy & Well-Being
Support the Immune System and Maintain Normal Glucose Levels (National Institute of Health)
Improve Iron Absorption and Resistance to Infection
Support the Digestive System, Maintain Healthy Blood Pressure, Vision and Strong Healthy Teeth
Maintain Normal Cell Growth, and Provide Healthful Nutrients for Every Stage of Life

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Lakewood Organic Juice Tart Cherry Concentrate, 12.5 Oz

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