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KITCHEN BASICS: Broth Bone Chicken, 32 oz


Robust, flavorful chicken broth slowly simmered to greatness with vegetables, herbs & spices
Feel good about serving to your family – gluten-free, no MSG added, and allergen tested for milk, eggs, and peanuts
Package design is easy to pour and reseal for use again and again
Recipe tip: For chicken marsala, just add to 1 lb. chicken breast, basil and mushrooms
FUN FACT: The only stock certified by the American Heart Association, Kitchen Basics has 5 times the protein and 1/2 the sodium of the average leading chicken broth brands

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Looking for a delicious, yet healthy alternative to chicken broth? Kitchen Basics Original Chicken Stock is inspired by homemade chicken stock, providing an all-natural, robust flavor that is certified heart-healthy by the American Heart Association. Our gluten-free, no MSG added chicken stock is made by slow-simmering chicken and vegetables with aromatic herbs and spices. Whether you’re cooking up a warm bowl of chicken noodle soup or looking to infuse flavor into your pasta, this rich, hearty chicken stock gets the job done.

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