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IE GREEN TEA: Pure Green Tea, 8 pk


Each packet of I.E. Green Tea makes 16 to 20 ounces of delicious green tea. Simply add the liquid tea concentrate to hot or cold water and blend. No tea bags, boiling or steeping. No brewing, no hassle, and no mess. Use less water if you like strong tea, or more if you don’t. You can even add it to your yogurt or a smoothie for a quick antioxidant boost. I.E. Green Tea’s Pure Green Tea is pure, delicious, antioxidant-rich green tea that provides plant-based energy- anytime, anywhere.

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I.E. Green Tea uses only the highest quality, green tea leaves and pure spring water to brew I.E. Green Tea Pure Instant Liquid Tea Concentrate. Every batch of I.E. Green Tea is picked at the peak of freshness and roasted right away to ensure the best flavor possible. We take the work out of tea and do the brewing for you. I.E. Green Tea uses a chemical-free brewing process that preserves the beneficial antioxidants found naturally in green tea. Each serving of pre-brewed, concentrated, tea from I.E. Green Tea contains an impressive 300mg of antioxidants, so you get all the health benefits without any of the work. I.E. Green Tea is grown on pristine mountain farms. The flavored varieties are lightly sweetened with natural stevia, so it’s entirely calorie-free and delicious.

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