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GUNTERS: Pure Buckwheat Honey, 16 oz


Gunter’s Buckwheat honey is the darkest of all with a very deep copper-looking color. It tastes rich and malty, similar to molasses. Use to soothe your throat, in cooking or drinks in place of sugars or molasses. Try it in Chai tea or coffee for a real treat.
Buckwheat honey is said to have the most antioxidants of any honey variety.
Buckwheat honey is honey that is made from the pollen and nectar of buckwheat – which is not actually wheat and contains no gluten!

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For over many years we have been working with Greg Gunter from Gunter’s Honey and selling these bee-eautiful tasting products that he has been producing for over 30 years.  Gunter’s Honey produces premium honey in a variety of types.   Low in moisture content makes Gunter’s Honey some of the thickest, richest and tastiest honey on the market today.  Whether it is some of the lighter honey: such as Alfalfa; Eucalyptus; Acacia; Clover; or Orange Blossom or medium honey such as Wildflower; Avocado; or Golden or dark Buckwheat honey, you can count on receiving some of the very best honey. Gunter’s also produces specialty honey such as their delicious Creamed Honey or their Honey with Comb.  All Gunter’s Honey is 100% honey with no sugar additives.

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