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DR. KELLYANN: Broth Bone French Onion, 16.9 fo


15g of protein per serving
Grass-fed collagen for skin, joint + bone health
Great source of glycine for gut health
Low carbs + low fat + low calories
Non-GMO + soy-free + gluten-free 
Cage-free chicken
Keto and Paleo friendly

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This classic, cozy comfort food has been reimagined as a wholesome and healthy bone broth. When you close your eyes and take a sip, you can taste all those rich, caramelized onion flavors and silky textures of traditional French Onion soup. Deep, dark, delectable, and utterly delicious! My new French Onion recipe has all the same nutritious qualities as my original Homestyle flavor — like 15g of protein per serving + hydrolyzed collagen to support your skin, bones, and joints + all those natural bone broth benefits that support your gut, boost your metabolism, and help you keep your hunger cravings under control.

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