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DELL ALPE: Hot Giardiniera In Vegetable Oil, 16 oz


Authenticity and uncommon quality have been our commitment for over three generations. We invite you to savor our many specialty foods for genuine Italian- and Mediterranean-style meals. Dell’Alpe is your assurance of homemade goodness and memorable quality.

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Dell’Alpe giardiniera is the ultimate condiment for pepper enthusiasts. It has a multitude of uses only limited by uyour imagination. We pack this product using marinated peppers (hot or mild), celery, olive and vegetable oil. It is unlike the mixed vegetables in vinegar available elsewhere. Use it on sandwiches, with grilled meat, in sauces, soups, chili, scrambled eggs, or dicover your own fun and flavorful uses. It also adds a new dimension to reheated leftovers.

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